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Our Vertical Garden

Our innovative vertical garden solutions allow for the cultivation of delicious strawberries in a small space. We aimed to create a solution that is low-maintenance, easy to manage, integrates seamlessly into backyard/ garden settings, and remains affordable. Although it may appear simple, our vertical garden solution is made possible by clever use of technology and expertise. The following features make our system stand out:

  • An automated, battery-operated controller ensures consistent watering of the system every day, with the flexibility to adjust frequency and duration based on the plants' needs.

  • Our fertigation system automatically injects specially selected water-soluble fertilizers into the watering system to sustain optimal growth for up to two weeks.

  • The drip irrigation system utilizes engineered emitters to deliver a specific flow rate to each plant in the grow bag, combined with a wicking solution that balances moisture levels in the vertical grow bag.

  • Our heavy-duty grow bag is designed to maximize plant density while allowing adequate access to sunlight and root growth. The grow bags can be securely attached to the vertical structure and provide drainage as needed.

  • Our system includes backflow protection and pressure control capabilities to ensure that the drip line solution performs effectively with a wide range of input water pressures and flows.

  • Various tower and trellis designs are available to robustly suspend the grow bags, and can be customized to suit individual needs and preferences.

Purity Berry's vertical garden solution can be easily adapted to different configurations and applications. While we are thrilled at the potential for home gardeners to grow strawberries more easily, we also believe that our system has potential for use in commercial growing applications. Early in development, we also see opportunities to use the vertical grow bag solution to grow other types of plants and produce. As you savor your first strawberries from our system, know that we have invested considerable effort and knowledge into making this possible. Enjoy!

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