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Simple and enjoyable way to grow tasty strawberries!

Get fresh, delicious strawberries from June to October.
No need to weed or get on your hands and knees to pick the strawberries.
Automated watering and fertilizing system that you can set and forget.
Chemical-free strawberries for a clean and healthy harvest.
The strawberry plants make for an attractive display in your garden or yard.
Grow lots of strawberries in a small space.

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Get to Know Us

Have you ever heard the saying "necessity is the mother of invention?" Well, that's exactly how we came up with our amazing Purity Berry vertical garden! You see, we really wanted to grow some delicious strawberries, but we had a small yard with limited sunshine, so we had to get creative. And because we're often away, we needed a solution that could automatically water and fertilize our plants, so we wouldn't have to worry about them when we're gone for a couple of weeks.
Plus, we're not really fans of getting down on our hands and knees to weed and pick strawberries, so we needed a solution that would let us work standing up - and wouldn't require any weeding. But most importantly, we wanted to grow our strawberries without any harmful chemicals, because commercial strawberries are often treated with tons of herbicides and pesticides.
So we came up with the Purity Berry vertical garden, which not only met all of our needs but also exceeded our expectations! And now we're thrilled to share this clever and affordable solution with you. If you're anything like us and want to grow delicious, chemical-free strawberries at home, we hope you'll give Purity Berry a try. We can't wait to work with you and make growing strawberries a fun and enjoyable experience!

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